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Las Palmas Midway Inn at Matehuala, on Highway 57 toward San Luis Potosi and close to interesting sites, which are worth visiting such as:


Colonial city, with old houses and beautiful parks, walk around downtown area and admire the magnificent Cathedral of the Inmmaculate Conception, a copy of Cathedral of Lyon in France, is the only example of neo-Romanesque architecture in the country.Matehuala has an extraordinaary cuisine besides typical regional sweets.
Real de Catorce
49 Kms from Las Palmas Midway Inn, at 2800 mts height and hidden among the mountains potosinas, you will find the ghost town  Real de Catorce,  the only city in Mexico whose entrance is through a tunnel.
CedralSmall town located 22 km from Matehuala to what is reached by a fully paved road, is among Matehuala and Real de Catorce.

Marble and onyx mines with a plant benefited from this material has been set up and where you can watch the process from which rises a stone until it is laminated and polished.

It is very interesting to see the wide assortment of finished product that there it is made. There are also abundant scenic orchards bounded by walls of giant cactus.

Villa de La Paz

Mining town in the foothills of the impressive Cerro del Fraile, enjoy its beautiful Mirador, where you can see Matehuala and Cedral, under the moonlight and  the sky of the highlands, Visit the ballpark, the best at everything in the highlands of San Luis.

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